Although we have not yet started constructing our games at college, I should begin listing and sketching basic animations since my 2D game includes many different animations for a range of characters and objects, and I will have a limited amount of time. Characters:

  • Icarus – standing up from bed, eating at table
  • Oskar – Sleeping in bed, sitting and playing, eating at table,
  • Luukas – Reading newspaper sitting, eating at table, washing up,
  • René –  activity in kitchens, eating at table, reading on bed
  • Lucia – sitting in bed,  sitting in chair, eating at table


  • Opening scene Dream sequence – animals and objects moving around room as hallucinations
  • Middle Cut-scene hallucinations in the outside school – Icarus wandering around, laying down surrounded by animals and objects


  • Mysterious hand – appearing and taking key, holding it up then vanishing.
  • Goat – sitting holding the knife, blinking.
  • Bats – Flying around the bath, swooping down and taking the mug.
  • Growing Plant – Grow from pot around the spoon, holding it up and being cut.
  • Shadow in the mirror –  holding plate

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