Details – Items related to work/hobbies

Items related to adult’s work/hobbies;

  • René is retired from working as a nurse. Around the house can be found old work tags, identification badge, equipment such as a stethoscope and medications. René’s main hobby is reading. Around the house are many books, with different pages book marked as she is reading multiple at the same time. She enjoys murder mysteries and historical books.
  • Luukas currently works at an office, mainly having mountains of paper work scattered around the house.  He has a brief case, filled with loose paper, folders, notebooks, keys and stationary. Luukas doesn’t have much time for hobbies anymore, so very few items are in the house that let the players into his backstory. In the past he found comfort in building tiny ships for little bottles. Around the house he still has a few left, and in a drawer in the office desk he has all his old supplies.

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