Risk and Contingencies

During the production of Icarus I could easily come across many problems. To avoid any major issues when creating my game I need to identify the possible risks, the likelihood of these occurring and recognise responses to avoid or reduce the chance of these risks happening.

Possible Risks of ICARUS;

  • Running out of time to complete project
  • Not having the software or working software/hardware needed to create game
  • Coming across issues that stop or halt production, this can lead to wasting time
  • Changes to schedule or plan
  • Personnel for outsourcing purposes creating work late/pulling out of agreement

To reduce or avoid the previously mentioned risks, these responses will be implemented;

  • applying for extension
  • working closely as possible to the schedule to ensure completion on time
  • communicate to lecturers and others to help over come any issues during production
  • adjust schedule if issues arise to make up for lost time
  • regularly communicate to third parties to follow their production progress

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