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Risk and Contingencies

During the production of Icarus I could easily come across many problems. To avoid any major issues when creating my game I need to identify the possible risks, the likelihood of these occurring and recognise responses to avoid or reduce the chance of these risks happening.

Possible Risks of ICARUS;

  • Running out of time to complete project
  • Not having the software or working software/hardware needed to create game
  • Coming across issues that stop or halt production, this can lead to wasting time
  • Changes to schedule or plan
  • Personnel for outsourcing purposes creating work late/pulling out of agreement

To reduce or avoid the previously mentioned risks, these responses will be implemented;

  • applying for extension
  • working closely as possible to the schedule to ensure completion on time
  • communicate to lecturers and others to help over come any issues during production
  • adjust schedule if issues arise to make up for lost time
  • regularly communicate to third parties to follow their production progress

Details – Items related to work/hobbies

Items related to adult’s work/hobbies;

  • René is retired from working as a nurse. Around the house can be found old work tags, identification badge, equipment such as a stethoscope and medications. René’s main hobby is reading. Around the house are many books, with different pages book marked as she is reading multiple at the same time. She enjoys murder mysteries and historical books.
  • Luukas currently works at an office, mainly having mountains of paper work scattered around the house.  He has a brief case, filled with loose paper, folders, notebooks, keys and stationary. Luukas doesn’t have much time for hobbies anymore, so very few items are in the house that let the players into his backstory. In the past he found comfort in building tiny ships for little bottles. Around the house he still has a few left, and in a drawer in the office desk he has all his old supplies.


What details will help tell the story or the characters in Icarus?

  • Book titles -hinting at genres that characters like
  • Items relating to adults work and hobbies
  • Different toys signifying the age and interests of both the children

Opening cut scene (Dream sequence)

As I’ve been thinking over the opening cut scene,  a few things have come to mind that I had not previously thought about or hadn’t a clear idea on.

The music I have outsourced (not yet recorded) plays through the game. But does it play through the menu screens or any of the cut scenes? For the opening cut scene I imagine very mysterious music but still instrumental and calm like the main sound track. I almost imagine it as sounding as if you can hear if from under water (unclear idea)

When it comes to animating this scene, I realised I can have a separate room image for this cut scene compared to the rest of the game (that will have an interactive room). No room objects will be changing apart from Icarus himself. All other animations will be hallucinations. This means I have a clear base for all the hallucination animations to interact with.


Although we have not yet started constructing our games at college, I should begin listing and sketching basic animations since my 2D game includes many different animations for a range of characters and objects, and I will have a limited amount of time. Characters:

  • Icarus – standing up from bed, eating at table
  • Oskar – Sleeping in bed, sitting and playing, eating at table,
  • Luukas – Reading newspaper sitting, eating at table, washing up,
  • René –  activity in kitchens, eating at table, reading on bed
  • Lucia – sitting in bed,  sitting in chair, eating at table


  • Opening scene Dream sequence – animals and objects moving around room as hallucinations
  • Middle Cut-scene hallucinations in the outside school – Icarus wandering around, laying down surrounded by animals and objects


  • Mysterious hand – appearing and taking key, holding it up then vanishing.
  • Goat – sitting holding the knife, blinking.
  • Bats – Flying around the bath, swooping down and taking the mug.
  • Growing Plant – Grow from pot around the spoon, holding it up and being cut.
  • Shadow in the mirror –  holding plate

Presentation – Pitch

In December I will be presenting my 2D game ICARUS idea to three teachers. I need to include the following (text not needed, as in my design document);

  • Menu screens – old and new
  • Environment art – rooms, new map
  • Character turn arounds
  • Animation strips – walking, idle, hallucinations
  • Audio example of music (if recorded in time)